A place to store valuable information about our beloved CAPRi Convertibles as well as recording the fun times we have with the South East Queensland and wider CAPRi Convertible community.  In SEQ we have a very active group of CAPRi enthusiasts who gather together at Car shows, roam the countryside topless and share whatever we can (skills, knowledge & parts) to keep as many CAPRi Convertibles as we can on the road.  We are not a Car Club, there is no membership nor an official structure.   We currently have over 35 known SE Qld CAPRis in our group, with many more enthisiasts from around Australia and the world counted among us.

The Ford CAPRi (SA30) is an automobile which was produced by Ford Australia from 1989 to 1994. The launch of the car marked a revival of the Ford CAPRi name, previously used by Ford of Europe from 1969 to 1986.

The Australian CAPRi, codenamed the SA30, was an entry-level convertible, based on Mazda 323 engines and mechanicals that Ford Australia had also used in the Laser. It had a body shell designed by Ghia and an interior by ItalDesign. During development of the CAPRi, Mazda was developing the MX-5, a vehicle that, although considerably more expensive, was commonly considered its direct competitor.



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